Cindi’s parents were moving into a new house so we went to visit. I always enjoy a trip to see them. Cindi always takes me along. This time we took Richard too.

I think Richard really enjoys me reading over his shoulder. Well, I don’t read, but I like to look at the squiggles. Richard’s books don’t have pictures in them sadly.

The bus was late, and I got tired of looking at squiggles. Cindi made me a bed in her bag. She’s very kind to me.

Finally the bus was ready to leave. This time we are going to a place called Sardis. It’s much closer than Powell River and doesn’t require boats to get there. I like boats, but Cindi said she’d had enough of that kind of a boat.

I got to say hello to Maggie. She’s always moving. Cindi says she’s a blurry dog. That must be a photography thing to say.

Cindi’s niece Leanne finally held Maggie still so I could pat her.

Maggie sure has a lot of friends. We hung out for a while but Cindi watched Maggie carefully. Maggie likes to play rough with her friends sometimes and I am much to dignified to wrestle.

Cindi’s big sister made something called pizza. I was very excited to try it but it wasn’t ready.

After what seemed like a long wait, it was finally ready to serve. Cutting it was quite a challenge. Boy was it good. Unfortunately there was no mead to drink so I tried something called beer.

I think I’ll stick to mead from now on.

It was a noisy visit, but Cindi says visiting her family has perks. (Wonder what she meant by that?) I can’t wait to visit again.


Our friend Trent took Cindi and I to the Capilano Suspension Bridge in North Vancouver. I’d never heard of a suspension bridge, although I have crossed streams on fallen trees before. How hard can it be?

Trent encouraged me to try it. How could I refuse?

It was a long way down! But I’m not scared of heights at all. What a view!

I was certianly a brave gnome. But in the end I prefer being closer to the earth. Whew!

Wandering Pixie took us to the zoo. There we saw the very important Canadian animal known as a moose.

A very large impressive animal indeed!

Miss Mylin and Cindi took me with them to lunch today.

Lunch was something called sushi. Now, sushi is not native to the old world where I came from so I was very curious.

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Amid the rainy days of April Cindi and I embarked on a quest to help our friend Trent complete a goal that included taking a cruise of Vancouver’s harbour.

It was not a nice day but I didn’t mind too much. I was excited to be going!

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It was such a lovely spring day, so Cindi suggested we visit a nearby park.

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I am very excited, I've never been to a library. What is a library, anyway?

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